You are not weird.

I started this blog due to what I would call the… ahem. Amount of crap there is out there about dreaming. There is a lot of bad stuff on the web, most of it as reliable as a drunk guy writing left handed on a pub toilet wall. I would like to be at least 10 times more reliable, I at least want you to know I am not talking shit here. IF I make a mistake, research something wrong, post something that you don’t agree with, please tell me.

Disclamair aside I also wanted to say that you can ask me questions. When I go around saying I do dreamwork, I don’t just mean I do it for me. I do. But I also do it for other people, if they ask nicely. In the same way I can’t say I am a complete expert here. The other thing is that there are three important things I need to say about dreams.

1. You are not weird, crazy, nuts, a fruit-loop, or anything else for dreaming something. If you suspect you have psychological problems get help (if you can, I live in a relatively wealthy country were this is fairly easy for most), if you don’t think what they are saying helps you find someone else.

2. You are not wrong or sinful for dreaming something.

3. You are not weird.

I know why these things need saying and I could cover how much it pisses me off when someone comes to me and tells me that they have “Weird” dreams. I always say that the weird dreaming curse is something of a good thing, it means you are healthy, you probably have a good imagination and no matter what you are not weird in a bad way. I can’t say that enough. Being weird, different, silly, strange, out of the crowd. These are good things. Most of my friends are weird. I am weird. Weird can be positive, and I can’t stress that enough either.

If you have someone telling you that you are sinful for dreaming something, I don’t care what it is, you are NOT. I am not a Christian (for the record I am polytheist) but if you are (and I really don’t care if you are) look at places like and look in the forums for the Christian support section there is heaps of discussion about the bible and dreams and how lucid dreaming isn’t sinful, and nor is sex in dreams (no matter who or what your partner is). Sex in dreams isn’t wrong (nor is nocturnal emissions from them) and they are a NORMAL biological process (this has been proved so comprehensively I am not bothering with links, but will provide if you REALLY can’t use google scholar yourself).

NOR is it weird to have dreams of death, destruction, magic, monsters, unicorns, three-eyed fish, Jesus, whatever. Its not. You may think is is, but trust me I have heard many dream tales and not one of them is truly weird.

Its not wrong to want to know why you dream these things either, and that is were I can help, sometimes.

The other person who can help is you. You need to take a step and say “Hey, I am dreaming, what I dream is in my mind, I am my mind, and therefor it can’t be wrong.” Say this affirmation as often as you like, especially before bed, and you to can start to live a guilt free dreaming life.


2 responses to “You are not weird.

  1. Unusual dreams are not unusual. It’s depressing how many people have hang ups or fears about what they dream, especially when it comes from people telling them lies, like they’re weird or sinful.

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