Methodology is one of those things that makes it in my list of all important things in dreamwork. Especially if you do dreamwork often as part of a nightly practice. Sometimes our intent is to keep a record of all our dreams, then to use this to say keep a track of all our dream characters and then use this as an interpretation method. This is an example of a methodology.
If you are doing dreamwork, you almost always has a method that your going to use to assist and like I will tell in a future post, this method and the actions attached influence the content of your dreams. It’s important to keep our influence in context as otherwise we can get carried away with our interpretations. An easy and often later embarrassing thing.
Creating a method to work with is dependent on our goals. Lucidity may require for some a rigid schedule that affects our entire life. Or it could just be simple reality checks which lead to a lucid dream. One may have to browse dream forums and pages such as ld4all until one has found a methodology that works.
Of course a methodology is important to our dreamwork. Our dreams are influenced by it and our goals. We use it to achieve our goals in dreamwork.


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