Dream sheeting

Dream sheeting is a more involved method of dream logging that can give more insight to your dreams and the characters and themes. The method can help with the goal of lucidity but is not a intrinsic part of obtaining it. Be aware dream sheeting is my name for this method.

The first step is to write down as many of the interactive parts of your dreams as you can. Give each one a number or if possible a name. Some characters will tell you a name in your dreams and others you can give a name to. If you decide to share your dreams with others it’s best to give a pseudonym as well. You will notice many characters will keep to a specific set of characteristics and others will have a difference appearance but you will often know intrinsically they are the same. It may be useful to look for a archetype for your character but this should not be a concrete mould for you, it’s an part of the story of this character. It’s also important to make a profile or sheet for yourself. This “avatar” sheet is often seen by some as vitally important to the creative and intrinsic meanings behind dreams. I agree in part, I would agree in full, however not all dreamers share the goal of seeking meaning from dreams. The “what does it mean” quest is often cliché and not useful.

Step two involves building on the sheets you create. Each time you interact with a character can help you build these sheets and build towards a goal of yours, or simply give you a continuing story of your minds dreaming story. This is where if you have the ability to create a wiki or electronic record you can find out things about patterns in your dreams, such as influence of the moons phase or sleeping in particular positions.
One can easily see these patterns as meaningful or find them completely useless. The goals you have will like drive the way you build these sheets and how you use them or indeed decide to give up on them altogether.
Dreams sheeting is a intrinsicly creative process as the way one does it depends on your own goals or simply on what you wish to record about your dreams and often makes you more involved with that dreaming state we spend a lot of our lives in.


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