Sleep disorders and recall

Question: How does having a sleep disorder affect dream recall? For a lot of people, it’s not easy to increase their night time sleep.

It really depends on the disorder, really. If you can’t increese sleep then best to try and improve recall by having a set of or sets of recall aids, i.e. Note pad and pen etc, a meditaion/mantra on recall (“Remeber this nights dreams” is a good one), and realising that the best recall you can have won’t be the same as the best recall others can have.

Sleep disorders can be helped by seeing your GP/medical professional about them, though if he perscribes sleep aids such as sleeping tablets, expect recall to get worse as the medication doesn’t help the dreaming state (this is a very complicated subject involving states of sleep and REM vs xREM sleep).

Herbal remidies such as Passionflower, Medowsweat, St Johns Wart, Valarian Root, Caradmon, Corriander Root, and Camomile all have differing effects, remeber only take this with GP/medical practioner concent as the active ingrident in herbal remidies often conflicts or adds to the effect of perscribed drugs.


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