Creating a dream dictionary for yourself

Creating a dream dictionary is often said in dreaming books to be a fantastic way of interacting with your dreams. This always frustrated me as there was no actual guide as to how to do it, or how to use it. As this blog is mostly about dreaming and how to interact with characters in your dreams, I would fall short of my goal if I failed to describe how to create what I describe a major way of interacting.

When you have decided to start your own dictionary of dreams is to write the goals you aimed to achieve with your dreamwork. Each of these goals should be given a number and name, this is to help you decipher influence on your meanings from your goals. Of course creating a dictionary of your dreams is something you can add to this set of goals.


Meaning of a dream is a big topic that can’t be covers in a single book let alone my blog, but we always talk about it. The question of what dreams mean is one that has driven people to create whole cultures based on. The meaning of a single dream is determined by its elements or makeup. Some assign meaning to each element were as others look at a wider context of what that element is doing. An angry growling dog may mean danger, a happy playing dog could mean play, a shy reserved dog might mean sadness and so on. This of course depends on culture and your own thinking and feelings of the meaning of the dreams you have had. Culture may have little or everything to do with the interpretations you build. Use your dream elements to decide a meaning.
You may find a meaning in other dreams, books on psychology, philosophy, books on culture, even published dream dictionaries, sometimes oracle decks, tarot cards, runes, ogham, the Internet, googlemancy might even be useful. Make sure you write down what you use to find a meaning, this will be useful to create a list of references.


Often each individual part of a dream is given a meaning, an element in its context. As we describe each element in detail in our dream log we can find repeat elements. Repeating elements we will find a meaning for, will follow or align closely. Each time this happens the assignment of a meaning will be confirmed stronger. Of course we will have dreams that break the general rule and these we can call non conformist and often find a new pattern to use a second definition for, or give each a contextual definition. Our meaning may be one that is close or not at all related to those in already built dictionaries.


Each dream we log is a new reference. This is why it is so vital to log your numerous dreams. Numbering (or naming) them in nights you have more than one dream in. When creating a new meaning entry in your dictionary add a reference to the dreams in which it’s constituent element or elements appear. You can also add references to other things such as other dictionaries, oracle decks, daily events, feelings, philosophy and anything you think is relevant to the meaning you have created.

Sharing meaning

One word of warning, sharing your meaning may find you doubting it. A meaning you have created will be personal and others may not easily find relevance in it. If you decide to share your dictionary make sure you are ready to accept critique and questioning. Making all your dreams public and tracing your references may help stay this critique, however opening your dreams like this is often very exposing and can leave one feeling deprived of personal privacy. Privately sharing your dreams is a different matter, doing so can be much less invasive and input from others often helps add to your interpretation of the dreams meanings, however choose someone wisely, a negative reaction can be quite detrimental to your ego.


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