Meaning of a dream

One big cliche in many dreaming books and on the web is the whole subject if meaning. Most tell you that you are the only person who can decide on or find out the meaning of your dream. This is fine, but cliche, as they then rarely give any real instruction on how to do it. It’s like giving a student a library to research in without telling him what the test is on. More often then not he ends up in completely the wrong section, reading the text on comparative erotica or something.
There is of course more than one method of finding meaning and the method you choose should meat your dreaming goals. But how do you know which to choose for what gaol? There is no simplistic answer. It’s all depended on finding what works, and combining that with a general idea of weather or not that meets your goal.
Take a scientific person, for example, may look at each of her themes and give them a number, look at how often certain numbers (themes) appear in her dreams and then perhaps decide to influence her dreams by focusing on say the number for trees and writing down the results. You could be take a person into jungian archetypes and they may log each DC over a period of time and then choose to talk to a specific character in their dreams and ask it questions about its goals and desires and thus get a idea about their own psychology. Another person into astrology could look at his star sight and see how his astrology effects the dreams he has over time logging the effects of the moon and star signs over a period of months and comparing them to his twin sisters results. The possible ways of interacting with dreams and methods for logging and finding influence and meaning are endless.
I can’t tell you what methods are best for you, not because I am trying to be vague or cliche, but because your aim and methods are your own and ones you choose are as personal and intimate as your dreams themselves.


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