Content comparison

Content comparison is common in many cultures for dreams. Some dreaming writers lament over how modern western culture is so lacking this. Sharing dreams in our culture is harder because of the knowledge we have developed that somehow sharing our dreams will render us a “weirdo”. See my post on calling someones dreams weird. Perhaps this fear is the fully of a rampant authoritative monotheistic church that feared dreams interpreters as competition to their priests, or it’s simply come as part of the package of issues we developed with modernity. I personally think its a little of all of the above, but I am sure others disagree.
The pure fact is that we, often fear sharing dreams because we fear others will think it weird or even think we are crazy. Some even fear sharing with loved ones, medical practitioners and those very close to us.
I can reiterate that no one knows what is a “weird” dream, but I doubt that I can remove years of learned fears.
If you are scared of sharing your dream content with others, then perhaps learn to share it with the most important person. You.
Start a dream log, diary, or even a private blog or wiki, and find yourself in your own creation. One no one can take away or make you forget. One you can control and love. One that in which your a warrior, priest, poet, superhero, pholliopher, wizard, pimp, racing car driver or whatever. And it can be as “weird” as you like.


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