Dreams cloud

Someone has asked me what I think of the new dreaming /social media site dreamers cloud. At first I thought that it might be ok, the privacy seems fairly good, the way you can set up things is simple yet easy to make secure. Then it hit me… Why does this site exist and what is it selling?

My first alarm bell was how they plan to make money. Although target adds are now so common it’s almost not funny anymore when I get an add for doctors who like bass instruments (clearly targeting my profile name is not a good idea) they also have a set of packages you can buy into. These sell you various rewards, such as more “clouds interpretations”. This intrigued me, but I didn’t pay for anything as I could get one of these for free a look at a huge number of publicly posted dreams with “clouds” thoughts.

Leaving the freakishly horrid idea that these dreams are posted somewhere the whole world can see (you can make your dreams private, but why go online to do that? What’s wrong with a word file, or a pen and paper?) to the side for a moment and go onto the true horror that I saw here in “clouds interpretations”. You get one of these free on the don’t pay anything package (which is sure to change if and when they get a influx of users) and you can get around thus easily by posting more than one dream in a post (which looks kinda like a blog).

I got my interpretation and It read like a $5 dream book I could pick up at the store. It felt like a really cheep cold reading. And finally the last nail in the coffin was the idea that I wouldn’t be insulted by the fact “Cloud” was making shit up as it went along. I don’t know if it was a real person or a machine (and I don’t care). It was not something I hope anyone anywhere is conned into paying for.

Cloud tries to up its respectability by providing “resources” which mostly read as a first years psychology students bad essay and comes completely without bibliography or a actual list of any way knowing how Cloud ins’t just making it up. The other issue here is that every interpretation I read was as fluffy as a kitten after a blow dry. It was nauseating. It tried to tell one person that a pool means you need to reflect on things, the color green is associated with luck, that this dream is clearly very important for them, that sometimes we see ourselves in dreams because we need to be observant. I am sorry “Cloud” but I am not only smelling the bullshit twenty miles away, the idea that you think I, or anyone else who can think for themselves for five minutes will pay for this insult to our intellect is just so laughable.

Dreamers Cloud seems to be full of good intention. The idea is you also give people interpretations, I.e. you get to do Clouds job for him. Then there is also the auto tagging in the dream blog, a crawler looks though your post and looks at the key words for making lists of thing like “the most common color last night was blue” “the important numbers where 3,67 and 437” and so on. This seems full of good intention, you get interactive with interpreting people’s dreams for them, then get really interactive when you find your dreaming about the same numbers and colors as everyone else (we will talk about this more in my upcoming collective minds post) which is bound to happen as everything in your life influences your dreams and when your thinking about this site as you go to bed, you will remember today’s most favorite color, or number, etc.

The thing is yeah, I support socially sharing your dreams, I find it great that someone is collecting information on common themes and so on, I am however disgusted at the paying for a cold reading interpretation done really bad and the seeming odd fact I can’t help thinking Clouds hiding some gotcha ya down the track. I also find how odd it is that Dreamers Cloud sets you up to interact with complete strangers straight away, no discussion, no “import your friends from X”. You get assigned a random “Pen Pal” and told to interpret their dream for them, which stickies me as boarding on sociopathic. I don’t mind interpreting strangers dreams, but I do mind that I can’t select my own Pen Pal and I do mind how this feature seems specifically designed to make it so your immediately interpreting strangers dreams. Some people take interpretations seriously and its not something you should get a complete stranger on the internet to do!

Maybe you like the idea and don’t mind sharing with thousands of strangers your inner most sanctum? Maybe you find generic cold reads are good and you find them useful? I won’t judge you, but I will judge Dreamers Cloud as something that could have been so much more.


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