Pagan ritual as an encounter with depth, part 1, by John H. Halstead

An interesting read on Jungian theory applied to Paganism, a few comments on dreamwork. My own comment on Jung’s theories are still in the very early development phase.

Humanistic Paganism

We are not one

Jungian-based Paganism begins with the proposition that the human psyche is not unitary. We are not one; we are many striving to become one.   As James Hillman writes, “every sophisticated theory of personality has to admit that whatever I claim to be ‘me’ has at least a portion of its roots beyond my agency and my awareness.”  Our conscious mind is only the tip of an iceberg which is largely unconscious.  The unconscious includes the primal parts of ourselves as well as parts of ourselves that have been repressed.  The goal of Jungian-based Neopaganism is wholeness, the integration of the unconscious and the conscious.

A Jungian-based Paganism uses ritual to facilitate this integration.  In Jungian Pagan ritual, the contents of the unconscious (archetypes) are represented symbolically: as persons sometimes, but also as things, places, and events.  The archetypes sometimes become the “gods” of Jungian Pagan ritual. …

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