Who are we talking to anyway?: Humanistic Paganism and the gods

A very good conversation about paganism in general and one that seems to have taken a step forward from the days I remember it being all about “Thats not paganism” and “That is”. However much seems to be said about Science vs Religion, I never have seen that point and although I am a hard polytheist, I see sense in a lot of what Dr. Myers said. Having been raised as a atheist, I learned from a very young age was that Science was all there was until I read a very clever essay that disputed my entire idea of the universe. This essay was simply about Energy work and its on the Internet Sacred Text archive (here: http://www.sacred-texts.com/bos/bos065.htm ) talking about psychological magic in which I learned about how to work with my own personal issues using magic and it really helped. From then on I was pagan, and I still knew about respecting science and I still practiced magic.

The Allergic Pagan


Over at The Wild Hunt, Brendan Myers has posted a guest article about whether Humanist Paganism is on the rise.  It has stirred up some controversy in the comments section.

Old Gods and New Orthodoxy

What was most interesting to me were the comments of several polytheists that Paganism and atheism are incompatible because Paganism is necessarily theistic.  “Raksha”, for example, argued that being atheist is “okay”, but it is disingenuous to call oneself Pagan also, because Paganism is the worship of “the Old Gods”:

In our current society, “Pagan” refers to a variety of religions that worship the Old Gods in some manner or another. […] claiming that NOW it doesn’t primarily mean “worships the Old Gods” is disingenuous. It doesn’t matter how much you like the pageantry or holidays or the general outlook on the world, if you don’t believe in the Gods in some form…

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