Who are we talking to anyway?: Humanistic Paganism and the gods

A very good conversation about paganism in general and one that seems to have taken a step forward from the days I remember it being all about “Thats not paganism” and “That is”. However much seems to be said about Science vs Religion, I never have seen that point and although I am a hard polytheist, I see sense in a lot of what Dr. Myers said. Having been raised as a atheist, I learned from a very young age was that Science was all there was until I read a very clever essay that disputed my entire idea of the universe. This essay was simply about Energy work and its on the Internet Sacred Text archive (here: http://www.sacred-texts.com/bos/bos065.htm ) talking about psychological magic in which I learned about how to work with my own personal issues using magic and it really helped. From then on I was pagan, and I still knew about respecting science and I still practiced magic.


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