Dream experiments

Making a scientific study of your own dreams can be a very fruitful pursuit. I have found keeping stats on my nightly routines and how much reality checking improved my over all ability to reach lucidity. It also helped me work on my own moods and my grumpiest days tended to have the more depressing dreams. The happier days more likely to achieve lucidity. The moon also actually genuinely had a influence with full moons being more prone to lucidity and dark moons more prone to natural OBE attacks. I kept a good record of these observations, now lost due to a bad file transfer from my old and dying computer. So I am going to do it again!
I will this time share my methods.

Table 1: Physical Stats

Date Day of week Phase of Moon Season Night Temp No of sleep disterb. Day naps Sleep time Wake time
12/09/2012 Wednesday Spring

Table 2: Dream stats

No of dreams Ludcid dreams Type No False Awake OBE’s
WILD DILD WBTB MILD Natuaral Binuaral Meditative/Shamanistic
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Table 3: Feels

No of dreams Fear Happynes Levity Anger

This is my daily stat sheet I will keep in my diary for easy access then I will weekly log my results here (under the title dream stats log) and once I have significant data I will draw the conclusions from it.
I would like people to join me and share the result with me, but I am aware that many people are to shy or don’t want to disclose dream content and that’s fine with me. If you do decide to share your data contact me at darakat @ gmail.com (remove the space to price your real).

As for other posts on this blog? Well hiatus continues till about late November when Uni is over.


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