Defining Paganism and Neopaganism

The Allergic Pagan

I can’t believe I am diving into this linguistic swamp again, but here goes. Recently, I’ve been engaging in some online discussions with polytheists and the “Pagan enough” debate was aroused, of course, and it got me thinking.

One person in particular, L.S.,  insisted that the term “Pagan” is meaningless and should be abandoned — an argument that I find particularly frustrating as someone who identifies primarily as Pagan, not with any specific Pagan tradition.  Someone else wrote that “Pagan” is comparable to “Christian” in that both terms are “umbrella” terms.  (I would point out that there are also people who identify primarily as Christian, as opposed to some specific Christian denomination.)

Anyway, L.S., responded that, unlike “Pagan”, at least there is some agreement as to what the term “Christian” means, which he went on to define as someone “who believes in (follows the teachings of) Christ/Jesus”.  I pointed out…

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