Can I record my dreams?

There is a episode of Red Dwarf were the Cat played by Danny John Jules watches his dreams on the dream recorder. People have asked me why with all our tech can’t we do this already?

1. You can’t see into individual electrochemical reactions in any part of the brain over a long time.
Yes we have MRI but its expensive, takes medical grade images and we need to see individual reactions in various parts of the brain that are used in dreaming. Then we need to know what each of these reactions actually mean when it comes to an video image you can watch. Its a very long way off as we don’t have either the technology or the know how to do it.
2. Using current MRI to get a image you and I would recognize is like using a tea strainer to look at the clouds of Saturn from a party hosted by technophiles in the shadow of Venus.
Ok this is slightly over the top, but we can’t look at reactions in the Brain this way. What we can see is where reactions are, were electricity flows. Indeed we can see what parts of the brain are active when asleep. But! We can’t do much more than say ” the fear center is active so they may be afraid.” Thats not an image, it’s a vague interpretation of a possible emotion.
3. Basically we cant see what someone else sees from a MRI. We know what one persons brain does when shown certain images but as every brain is differently wired (some things of course are universal but associations are different).
So what can you do?
Get a pen and paper, a dictaphone, something you can use to record your dreams when you wake and write them down. Try to recall all you can, and hopefully you will have something that you can use to record your dreams. This will remain the best method for some time to come.


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