How big is the “dreaming”?

This is a pretty important question to answer but let me get this clear first up: the “dreaming” is a concept I am not comfortable using. This is a idea that is culturally owned by Australian aboriginals and similar ones belong to others. To use it is appropriation of the culture and misinterpretation is rife. Anthropologists might do this for comparison and study but I do not wish to. I also so not wish to in any way to add to this misinterpretation. So I am going to reword this question slightly.

How big is our dreamscape?

This is better as a dreamscape isn’t as far as I am aware isnt owned by or connected to any particular culture (correct me if I am wrong) and its use is not already in concept or use other than what the name suggests.

The whole idea of a dreamscape is that some people report seeing each other in dreams and recall very similar things about them. These correlations aren’t hard to find and collective dreaming project on dreaming site are fairly common. The idea of collective dreaming and it’s related concept collective conscience is not one I really feel there is exceptionally strong scientific evidence for. Having two people share a dream is one thing, having it tested in a double blind study is another. The issues in getting proof (let alone ethics of doing such a test) are likely to test dreaming science to it’s limits at some stage. Curently only very small studies or surveys are done, actual evidence is very thin the ground. Some people claim the concept of time is independent or non-existent in the dreamscape and thus a person who is dead, or awake or in some other country/time/universe can exist within your dream. However they then go onto confirm the dream has a fairly linear story line or has a plot line. Dreams are stories in some way and it makes sense that we can easily imagine that these stores can connect. I think that it’s possible that they do, but the problem is proving they do.
But what about size? Surely the dreamscape has some limits?
Having been a lucid dreamer for many years, I have to say there are rules and regulations within my own personal dreamscape. It’s possible those rules are universal, but I doubt it. They are clearly, it seems, limited to what I believe I should be able to do, and even then I surprise myself having new powers and abilities in my dreams I didn’t the week before. Clearly I can change my limits, but how I do this isn’t entirely clear to me yet.
It seems the dreamscapes are limitless only to the point of human imagination and belief, and I recon that’s awesome.


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