What about the “astral”?

It’s a fairly hard question to answer. The dreamscape you enter when asleep is real to you. Being able to interact with it also, real to you. Is it real in the same way that a tree or table is when you are awake? If you kill someone or hurt someone, are you guilty of a crime?

Well reality is often fairly poorly defined by philosophy. It’s a concept we grasp with very little experience and have often existential crises with fairly easily. When we then start asking if we are able to call our dreams or OBEs or our Astral Travels within either of these or within a shamanic state (or drug, or situation induced, trace induced, etc) as the sane as the usual waking reality? Well no. It’s a different reality within itself, it has it’s own rules, conditions, etc. You explore these every time you experience it and the more experience you have the better you with understand them.


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