What are the most common dreams?

The most common dreams are in general already a part of popular culture. Everyone might or might not have these dreams. If you haven’t or can’t recall a dream like them, it does not make you weird. Why? Because these are common dreams not dreams that are certain.

Toilet dreams
The toilet dream is one most people will know about. It’s a dream where you are trying to get to an allusive toilet. Sometimes you make it, sometimes you don’t. The common theme is you wake up needing to visit a real toilet regardless. This dream is common simply due to its universal nature, thanks to years of training and sanitization engineering we now almost all know what a toilet is. We also have been pretty scared of it, or sometimes pretty joyous after succeeding in visiting it. It can be a desire or a fear to visit a toilet. Thus it enters our psychology and dreams with relative ease.

Sex dreams
Sex dreams are also fairly common. They can be good and bad though, and often are the subject of debate.
All genders can have sex dreams and can do so from as young as they are aware of what sex is and how it occurs.
People often ask me if its more common for teenage Boys than Girls to have sex dreams. As far as I am aware both genders can and will have sex dreams just as frequently as each other and both are capable of generating nocturnal emissions. However those with male parts will more frequently notice erections and emissions. Both are natural. Those with male genitals also can have nocturnal erections and emissions as a part of the natural coarse of sleeping.

Bad sex dreams are a occurrence that is difficult to talk about. Abuse and confusion in younger years is a frequent cause of such problems. Dreams will bring both your deepest desires as well as your deepest fears. Those facing reoccurring nightmares involving involuntary sexual acts need to seek professional assistance from a well qualified and trustworthy psychologist for assistance. Although dreams can give you wondrous times they can ensnare your by memories and fears.

Basic fears
There are several sort of dreams based on fears. Fear is one of the most common emotions in dreams due to in part neurology and in part psychology. The basic fear dream is essentially one you can immediately trace to a phobia or basic fear you personally have. An example would be a fear of being bitten by a dog.

Complex fears
A complex fear dream is harder to explain. The longer a dream is the more likely it will explore your emotions and memory. With even short dreams complex emotions can be drawn out. A fear and a desire is the most easy of these complex emotions that can be explored. Another would be fear, anger and embarrassment. Combing emotions and fears together seems to be something I have experienced a number of times. It’s something that can be very confusing and confronting.

Naked dreams
Dreams of nakedness (as an embarrassment, fear, desire, etc) are common in stories and comics. Nudity is like toilets. Something that produces a complex set of emotions we can easily remember. Memory hear plays a big part, if we remember being scared of nakedness we will fear it, if we remember it being comfortable we will find it so. This is the same for and dream experience, as in real life it will be so in dreams. We can control this response with lucidity using some RC or Mnemonic device to confront our emotional memory.

Dreams about dreams
Especially common for those who do lucid dreaming. The physical act of writing dreams down makes you remember them and they can come back. The other phenomena that occurs is a false awakening where you dream you are awake and go about your usual morning routine only to find the toaster has turned pink and the TV only plays memories from when you where fourteen. Then you wake. Dreams of dreams of dreams can even happen. The amount of meta here is probably limited, but I am not sure exactly how many levels you can fully go into.

Big plot dreams
Some dreamers report they have an entire fantasy world they can interact with. Others have ongoing plots within their dreamscape. A considerable number have repeating characters which can conform to a archetype.
These dreams are what a lot of dreamwork is done on, since most people find this the interesting part of dreamwork. I think if you don’t get plots and reappearing characters then fine. Your ability to do dreamwork should not be diminished. But what the hell is dreamwork?

That question I will answer in my next post.


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