Dream magic (with or without a K)

The idea that you can affect your dreams using “magick” is not new nor is it without some basis. Freud, Jung, Boyer, Pascal, Pierre Liénard and others all draw on the conclusion that religious “magic” and “phschology” are closely linked. And as I have said before

Anything you do affects your dreams

So if you do magic (show or religious, or both), it will eventually show up in your dreams.

But what about magic for reaching dream states?

Ophiel wrote on this subject pretty comprehensibly (and accessibly) in his book The art and Practice of Astral Projection and he list more than two ritual (magic with a k in some circles) methods for reaching the OBE/Astral projection state. One is closely connected to Themla and the OTO, but I am not sure how closely what he wrote in the book resembles any practices done now (its a old book but a good one). This is besides the point because the others all work just as well as it, though some are “easier” and the effect is similar, the longer more complex ones have less of a shelf life. By that I mean, when working with them for a long period of time some people (like me) will find the effort of that method gets harder over time. Other people will be able to slip in and out of the OBE state like a dolphin and still others may not reach it at all. Lucid dreaming is certainly more accessible in terms of how “easy” it is in comparison for a lot of people. Of course much like how “binueral beats” work for some (in some circumstances) and not for others ever. However reaching lucidity and OBE are not exclusive ways of using dream magic, there are others.

There are many other reasons people may use “dream magic” and I will list some of them:


A lot of people have good reason to feel afraid. Fear is a cause of nightmares and some may use a “magical” ritual to protect them. This ranges from prayers to a circle casting to candle magic, to contacting spirits for protection in trance and so on. This sort of dream magic has ranged success level. Fear is something you should talk to a psychologist for if you are scared of your own nightmares/dreams.


Connecting to gods, the self, spirits, etc. Very awesome, some people consider it dangerous and thus use a magic circle or similar for protection. Collective dreaming sometimes involves small rituals but I am not sure of how successful they are.


Dreamwalkers are people who try to invade or even consensually connect to a person who is dreaming themselves. There is no “proof” in any literature it works. Some say it can be used for malicious purposes (and heard of people fearing this after abuse from a so called “dreamwalker”).


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