Caffine: the stealer of dreams?

Caffeine is a relatively easy to obtain depressant. Lots of people have it in the form of Coffee and Tea. Some people take Caffeine tablets for a number of medical and non-medical reasons. One of these is how it helps keep you “feeling awake” and helps stop you from getting lethargic, especially at about 2-3 in the afternoon. Is caffeine however the stealer of dreams? Does it stop you from having dreams?

Well the short answer is no. Caffeine, unless you take it in absolutely ludicrous doses, won’t stop you dreaming. Generally if your taking it in such large doses you are more likely to wind up doing other sorts of damage to yourself, such as digestive damage or even possibly taking enough to kill yourself. The dose for that level is fairly high (unless your allergic to Caffeine, in which case there is no safe dose).

The number and “quality” of your dreams may be affected, but that may not be as concerning to you. Some would rather get the caffeine “buzz” and deal with this minor side effect (compared to the others) later. Caffeine is not a dream stealer in so much as it won’t stop you dreaming. Like almost all things it will effect your dream states and maybe the content of the dreams though.



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