Who are you?: the self in dreams

The self seems an easy concept to deal with, like many things however this is a deceptive truth. Your self is easily split into concepts, archetypes, chunks of conscience and so on. Each of these have a lengthy study in phsychology and I am not able to adequately explain them as they are pretty heavy things. Each of these concepts and descriptions of self could be seen in dreams and be used to explain or interpret events.

The thing is that many dreaming models the self is in fact a factor in every single aspect of a dream. The weather could be your mood, the ground could represent your inner self, the actions and people you meet in your dream could all be aspects of your desires and fears and memories. And this is just one model based on some dreams. There are even some models that are used for just a certain set of dreams, like those of teenage girls, or those whom suffer certain problems. Some have gathered considerable academic clout in psychological circles, others debunked entirely.

So which should you choose? Well I always try and look at dream interpretation holistically, find the interconnections between each element and my memories, fears, emotions and thoughts. I will write more on this later.

The self is one universe of things we can consider in the dream, and it is a very important universe. When talking of our dream actions, we are talking about things our minds want, our bodies may need, our inner most desires. We are also talking about our fears, our hates, the things our mind may not like that it wants, or things that simply put us ill at ease. At the same time may be just an observer to these things, or be inside our minds predictive instinct. We can see the actions of a future self, or the actions of other people we know in the present, past or future. They are usually corrupted selfs, but they do generally have a grain of truthfulness. This truth should always be taken at face value. Not seen as a nothing but our own dreams conception of a moment it time.

The self has a strong correlation to how time acts in our dreams, and I will talk about that next.


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