Holistic Dream Interpretation

The central idea behind dream interpretation seems to be answering a universal question. The question is “what did that mean?”. We look for meaning partly because that’s what other people seem to ask as well. Some of us will go to a dream dictionary (you can make your own full of your own meanings some basic instructions here) . Some may go to a dream interpreter. Many will be led to the Internet and get the rather annoying and slightly dismissive:

you are the best interpretive medium for your dreams

I mean seriously, how useless is that? If you felt capable of solving the issue by yourself their would already be a an answer. You would not have gone a sought information in the first place! This is where I come in.

I want people to have a tool they can use, simply, effectively, and with a dash salt just in case it’s needed.

This method I call holistic dream interpretation. Much like the infamous Douglas Adams character whose detective agency shares that name, it looks at the interconnections between things.

The formula is simple to explain:

D = M + p(n %)

I know some of you will go what the hell at this, and I can explain a bit better for those whom are not mathematically inclined.

Dream meaning is our memoirs and psychology which has a certain percentage of neurology. The amount of neurological and psychological content changes from person to person, from day to day, from dream to dream. Some dreams are close to pure memories. Others are full of psychology and memories, with a dash of neurology. And so on.

How does this help?
Well it’s a very simple way to answer the “why” question but I can hear some of you already saying “how can I use it better, what can I do to apply it?”
Ah well that’s what next week is for.


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