Real you?

There is sometimes this whole “which one is the real me?” debate that goes on when people ask about conscience vs unconscience. Is one a more “real” version of you?

The issue with this is..

it’s a bad question.

You are actually setting up your own internal straw man. It’s like asking if the roof or the floor of the building is more real than each other. It’s like asking if the moon or sun is more important to life. You need one for the other and to some extent vice versa.

The debate comes from free will, as in the ability to make conscience decisions. We staple the idea that we make these decisions in a “reality” that we have all agreed is physically real as the rules of this reality are observably the same. But we are each of us deceived! The reality is constructed by a human thought in the first place. We agreed that an item was called a ball, or toilet, and so on. We can get more and more existential here.

Thing is we can’t have a conscience without a unconscience. We can have a unconscience without a conscience though. We think that’s possible based on observation of other life. But since we discretely can’t actually observe it outselves? Oh… Hang on what about dreams?

Conscience can exist in dreams, as otherwise lucid dreaming would not exist. To be perfectly honest, I suspect (I can’t prove this of course, it’s deep philosophy that’s beyond me) that we can have conscience decisions even without lucidity in dreams. Dreams are in part a communication device between the conscience and unconscience.

How do we know unconscienceness exists at all?

We can observe its actions fairly simply.
Think of a tree.
Now what sort of tree is it?
What colour is its leaves?
Does it have a bird nest in it?

Most of you will think of a tree, know what sort it is immediately, know how green, yellow, red, or absent it’s leaves are. You might have more detail in if your imagination likes to get busy with such things.

This is called visualization. It’s a really neat tool used by psychologists, dreamworkers, and so on. It’s active imagination, making you use both your conscience and unconscience at the same time. We (humans) do it all the time. We are reasonably certain a fair number of animals do it too. Our two (they are really one) minds work together to create a image that we can then work with. That image can even be stores for later use.

Why do we have these two minds?

Essentially, the universe is big. Really, really big. We simply can’t process all of it. When we look at a person we memorize only a small part of their face and if we never see them again we forget them. The same thing happens to most things we see and encounter. We get the more important images and tie those up with a memory. Our unconscious then stores it.

There is so much data that we have to do this asleep, as well as awake. We shut down the rest of our body. As a byproduct we get memories and images from our day and experiences in our dreams. Our waking mind can then possibly use these dream memories for interpreting what we might have learned, not learned, and for working with characters out mind creates out of the dreams.

The real you is both. And really it needs to be that way.


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