Is it normal? Question set.

  1. Have dreams with a TV character in it?
  2. Yes. I have The Doctor from Dr Who, Tintin, Sgt. Bilko, and many more as frequent charters in mine and I am certain it is normal for TV watches. The fact a lot of shows use archytypal characters may help them become dream characters but thus far no study has been done.

  3. Have dreams where I am a different gender?
  4. There is no reason this has to be cited as abnormal. I would say certainly normal. Some concerned people may say this might be a sign of a gender identity disorder, but this requires knowing the individual dreamer. I would say dream on without worry, if you genuinely feel like your waking time gender is in need of thought and potential questioning or are already aware of a desire to be a different gender, then there isn’t as much need for concern of the dream content. Some may seek professional advice.

  5. Have dreams with only music/audio in it
  6. Yes. Pure audio dreams are commonplace for the blind. Those with vision would only need be concerned if all dream recall is audio after an event or injury. This may indicate trauma or other issues. See your GP.

  7. Have surreal dreams
  8. Yes. Always surreal dreams are often very awesome to read, but if your concerned a sleep Dr may help.

  9. Always be lucid
  10. Rare, but possible. If you don’t try to be lucid, then take note your a very rare person indeed. It’s something to celebrate, not be afraid or annoyed at.

  11. Never have recall
  12. Possible, but often due to lifestyle factors. Try different things, different recall methods. Don’t give up. See GP if you have been trying for a long period of time. Some drugs interfere with recall, especially recreational ones. Best avoided in my opinion.

  13. Predict futures
  14. Very unlikely. Possible but without documented evidence verified from independent parties. Even skeptical then.


7 responses to “Is it normal? Question set.

  1. flowofmysoul

    Hello, i am writing blog about my life and my lucid dreams.. Take a look at “introduction” and “understanding dreams” posts, this will answer most of your question. This is only my theory but you might find it interesting..

    To answer few of your questions:

    1- yes it is very that you see things that you are addicted to or things that you like, no matter what or who it is.

    2- yes, nothing wrong with it. There is no hidden sign here, simple you are little bit far from your “home dimension” For example i had lucid dreams where i was another person, more far you are from your “home” more different you might be.

    3- answer is tricky here, it will take a lot of text to explain it in detail, i did not cover this in my blog yet ;( but in short, you can see future but most probably you will be on another probability of future(another dimension route), this means that it will not repeat in you real life. To see future in your real life you have to dream of future in the same dimension route that you are living in, but from my experience i can say that it is very hard. Happened only few times to me and i did not try to predict future in those ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Have fun with your lucid dreams and read my blog i promise you will find many interesting there, it is new but i am going to update it as often as i can ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • 1. I have been lucid dreaming for close to 15 years and have extensive experience in answering these questions. They are questions others have asked, I am answering.

      2. Home dimension? What are you talking about?
      This is not about dimensions.
      Someone asks you if something is normal. You say yes. When you say to people say today a dream content comes from another dimension, I expect they are going to roll their eyes and ignore you. All your dreams are from your mind, your psychology, your memories, they are in short yours. This means dismissing statements such as ” from another dimension” are hurtful at best, ignorant and horrid at worst.
      We actually don’t know why we dream. Scientific evidence for another dimension, if your going to say “look there is proof”. Show me 20 refereed papers that say that.

      3. What?
      Yeah, read my post on prediction.

      • flowofmysoul

        If everything comes from our mind, how can we see things in detail which we never saw in our life ?

        I am okay if people roll eye their eyes, i am not forcing anybody to think like i do, this is just my theory, if you don’t like it just forget about it ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Very simply: your mind is able to make stuff up. Proof?

          Read a clock in your next dream. Look away and then look back at the clock. It will almost never be the same.

          The fact your mind makes stuff up is not proof that some other dimension has given you this inspiration. I am not saying that its not possible. However, such big statements require significant evidence.

          I am a pagan and do in fact think I talk to my gods sometimes in dreams, but I would not claim such a thing is gospel truth for all. Not without proof.

          • flowofmysoul

            Well, i am not a scientist. Also i am here not to proof something, i am just sharing my idea and my theory. I have a friend with whom we came to this conclusion, one person for me is more then enough to believe in it.

            To answer your question regarding clock, it does not happen to me like you said. For example if i am going to sleep at 8 morning, i will find a clock and try to see whats the time, in dream i will logically assume that i am sleeping for this amount of time, for example for 1 hour and i will see 9 on the clock, however if i wake up time is always slightly different, like 9;20 or 8;40 and etc..

            Good luck with your blog and sorry if i disturbed you ๐Ÿ˜‰

            • A theory means you are attempting to prove or show it is true, given a hypothesis and evidence.

              • flowofmysoul

                Whenever i will see a possibility to get a proof i will do my best to get it. For now you can call it my conception of dreaming.

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