Creating a dream dictionary

We have all a different interpretation of our universe. We all have different experience of things. Fears. Desires. Memories. Associations. So why do we find solace in a dream dictionary that at best glibly applies some sort of quasi psychological generic cold reading in text form and at worst is a bunch of mindless crap that will be first against the wall when the revolution comes.

There is also a known fact that one dream about say teeth falling out would be about having to much stress. Another may be about a fear of your teeth falling out. Another in which afterwards you turn into a fish might be about something totally unrelated to the teeth it, which is just a memory.

How do we know which is which?

The answer is that we are the best ones to interpret dreams ourselves. This means we are the ones who should build our own dream dictionary.

How do we do it?

Well there are “Apps” for that, both. Android and iPhone. For those whom wish not to store meanings on dreams on a electronic device, you can also use pen and paper, a notebook, anything you can write on and easily edit or modify as you go on.

There is obviously more than one method of doing this but my method is to write my dreams down in a dream journal. Then from that I write a reference to the dreams themes in my dream dictionary. I.e. Last night I dreamt about a stormy night in which I had to walk to a homestead in after my car broke down. I didn’t feel bad or good about it, so I marked the emotion as neither positive or negative. A reference for this went into the entry for storms, broken down cars, dirt roads, night and walking. When I next dream I do this again. I keep doing this till I have a large amount of dreams in the dictionary and I can put down what each thing generally means in my dreams. I.e. Night might have ten entries with six positive, three not positive or negative, one negative. I then will create a entry for “night” that says “night is in general a more positive thing for me and usually also involves roads or travel”. This gets more and more useful as time goes on and has much more meaning than standard dream dictionaries.


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