Dream work holidays

Can you take a dreamwork holiday?

Well yes. You can both have a holiday where you do a lot of dreamwork and take a holiday from dreamwork. Both are quite useful. Especially for certain periods in life, such as moving house, having a newborn, new stresses, changes to routine, going on holiday clearly is one as well.

I find taking a holiday and working on dreamwork during it is quite helpful. Be aware however that dreams on holiday will be influenced by it. I.e. A trip to the beach will trigger beach dreams. Sleep is also different on holiday. We have less work and less stress and therefore more likelihood of positive dreams and more likelihood of oversleep and thus may remember more dreams as we are in REM for longer.

I do a few things to help recall on both a dreaming holiday and when I take a break from doing dreamwork. Firstly I change my current recall routine, and I change my reality check. I also start new pages in my journals and create a new chapter if need be.


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