Sex dreams

Christmas gets me the usual and annoying Turkey Dreams questions ( and then just after that it seems people ask me sex dream questions. Having not actually talked about sex dreams ever here, I thought it was time.

The reasoning behind sex dreams is easy, we in general as species desire sex. There are some whom do not desire sex, and as a consequence may not have any sex dreams.

Some dreams about sex are great. Fun. Happy. It’s also good practice for our mind when we get the real thing. Sex dreams often start to occur in the teenage years, before we generally have it. Please note these are general terms.

Having sex dreams is perfectly normal for all genders and sexualities. They also may step us out of our usual genders and sexualities. The normality of this is unknown. If your worried about your dreams about sex being normal a counsellor or psychologist would be a good place to seek help. (please, please do not send me your sex dreams asking if they are normal )

The basic gist is we are sexual beings. Having sex, seeing sex, being sexual in dreams is a normal thing.


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