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Dreams interpretation for you

If you are so inclined, and can’t get a decent answers by looking in the archives of this blog, I am indeed happy to do interpretation of dreams. Please note I take a no nonsense and somewhat scientific approach (as much as possible as I can). Also note I will not publish interpretation. Ever. 

I may however publish any questions about dream interpretation and dreaming in general. 

I am also aware this is the first post on this blog in a long time. 

To ask comment or email. 


Overcoming the bad guys with lucidity

Much has actually been written on this topic already. Stephen LeBarge ( being the most notable, his MILD method being one that is commonly used. Although the most common, some will find the MILD method difficult. The rewards for overcoming fears are however stark. A MILD practitioner can insert a fear to be overcome in the mnemonic used to induce the lucid dream.

I will lucid dream, I will face my fear of spiders, I will lucid dream, I am going to overcome my fear, I will lucid dream

Might be a very simple mnemonic that a person who fears spiders might use to encounter the fear within the “safe” dreamscape. This isn’t the only thing one might do, in fact overcoming a fear might not be as simple as this. Some may need many encounters with the dream fear, some may need to seek other psychological help. It’s entirely possible to become more fearful of a specific fear based on a dream encounter.

Raising the success
Regardless of lucidity method, success of overcoming fears in dreams may require several differing extra things.

1. Practice as a lucid dreamer.
First lucid dream I had, I was awake again in 5 seconds flat. It takes time to get used to the sensation. It takes effort to work out how to do thing. Especially awesome things like fly, get arms added to your dream persona, cast “spells” in dreams (the special effects limited only by your dreaming imagination).

2. Dream time ritual
We’re not noting the big old casting a circle, calling the gods of dreaming and so on. Ritual means to do things in a way that activates the mind (kinda) and a common method of going to bed with the intention to lucid dream, doing the same mnemonic every time, doing the same getting ready for bed, water, pen, slide in from the left, etc. This is a ritual that your mind takes a note of, both consciencely and unconsciously. It will help you lucid dream longer.

3. Read lucid dreaming books, and articles. (Mine are here: and and )

4. Write in a personal journal. A personal journal helps you recap your day, write about how the fear effects your daily routine (if it does).

5. Write about the fear, what tools you could use to overcome it in the real world, and the dreamland.


Our fears can often manifest in the Jungian Shadow and be characterized in a form of malicious Trickster (see the article I wrote on these here: )
A trickster as a fear can be a bit harder to overcome. Many fears are based on a memory or event, taking this memory and re-dreaming it (evoking the memory then entering a dream state) then using the dream tools you have to try and combat or resolve the fear, is one method that some teach. The issue with this method is the ability to abuse it. A memory evoking, can if not done well cause continuing flashbacks. Thus this is a tool only those advanced in the art or psychologists should use.

The better method to use would be to purposely MILD into a dream with the trickster in question (give them a name) and combat or resolve them this way. Again, a psychologist might be a good consult for this method. Dream characters can fight back, making sure your in a position of power and safety in such a situation is paramount to making this a success.

Were are monsters? In dreams.

I have already mentioned how holistic dream interpretation takes our physchology, neurology and memories as discrete spheres or universes of information from which are dreaming content is built. How we can use it, I still need to explain.

Lets take a nightmare, as an example. One of mine, since that as I also mentioned before:

you are always the best person to interpret your own dreams

I will use the one I had last night, since it is fresh.

I am sleeping on the couch as a sound wakes me up. In the corridor that enters the lounge room the light is on. It’s yellow glow is comforting. Then a noise, like the screeching of tires made of nails on a chalkboard. I see the light disappear and I am confronted with a grey and intense fear. I scream for help but it comes out as a pathetic mew. I do what is best and force myself to wake.

Now we take each of our universes and connect the dots, as it where.

I would first look at the fear and comfort as both being psychologically linked to the dream. Both threads are connected to my memories of feeling both of theses emotions. I have experienced them before so I know how they feel. Neurology comes in form of connecting each of these to a given situation that’s then fed back to a memory. We can also connect each character. Yellow light is delight, comfort. Absence of light, and grey are fear. The couch is a place of neutrality, a object that has no connection other than one to the feeling of sleep and dreaming itself. The lounge room is a setting for which my memory has pulled as where I actually fell asleep at least at one point and the tactile feeling of doing so is drawn into the dream itself. Finally the self is the character experiencing these things. The body is the object that feels fm fear and joy, has those feelings attached with each other.

As you can see we can go quite deep into this. We can get more content from each dream, actually look at each character in a objective and subjective way. Both are good, and together we can find answers to one of our big mysteries in dreams like why do I have nightmares that focus my fear on certain events.
It’s clear I don’t like the color grey. I quite like the color yellow. I have memories and experiences that have been attached to both deep within my psychology and even neurology. It’s a legitimate fear for me, and I seem to want to escape from it.

But how would I escape from such a fear?
Only deep psychologists might know. I am only a armature. Dreamwork can help us escape, but it is only one tool. A tool that’s effective, but can be easily corrupted by our own mind. This is a topic for further exploration in the coming weeks.

Holistic Dream Interpretation

The central idea behind dream interpretation seems to be answering a universal question. The question is “what did that mean?”. We look for meaning partly because that’s what other people seem to ask as well. Some of us will go to a dream dictionary (you can make your own full of your own meanings some basic instructions here) . Some may go to a dream interpreter. Many will be led to the Internet and get the rather annoying and slightly dismissive:

you are the best interpretive medium for your dreams

I mean seriously, how useless is that? If you felt capable of solving the issue by yourself their would already be a an answer. You would not have gone a sought information in the first place! This is where I come in.

I want people to have a tool they can use, simply, effectively, and with a dash salt just in case it’s needed.

This method I call holistic dream interpretation. Much like the infamous Douglas Adams character whose detective agency shares that name, it looks at the interconnections between things.

The formula is simple to explain:

D = M + p(n %)

I know some of you will go what the hell at this, and I can explain a bit better for those whom are not mathematically inclined.

Dream meaning is our memoirs and psychology which has a certain percentage of neurology. The amount of neurological and psychological content changes from person to person, from day to day, from dream to dream. Some dreams are close to pure memories. Others are full of psychology and memories, with a dash of neurology. And so on.

How does this help?
Well it’s a very simple way to answer the “why” question but I can hear some of you already saying “how can I use it better, what can I do to apply it?”
Ah well that’s what next week is for.