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Dreams interpretation for you

If you are so inclined, and can’t get a decent answers by looking in the archives of this blog, I am indeed happy to do interpretation of dreams. Please note I take a no nonsense and somewhat scientific approach (as much as possible as I can). Also note I will not publish interpretation. Ever. 

I may however publish any questions about dream interpretation and dreaming in general. 

I am also aware this is the first post on this blog in a long time. 

To ask comment or email. 


How do you incorporate paganism and your spirituality into your everyday life?

To cut a long story short, routine.

The long story:
I have a small group of friends and my wife who get together and do ritual work with. The rituals follow the standard set of pagan holidays, though we combine Beltine/Ostara and sometimes others. Litha we just have a movie night as it often to hot to ritual. Yule we have a kind of AGM gab fest thing. Its not a strict tradition. I get heaps out of doing it still so I am hopeful it continues for a while.

I’m mostly a kitchen / house witch these days. I do do many spells etc because mostly its a case of having explored it, and learned about it, I have discovered much simpler ways to do things. Every now and again I do a bigger ritual to help with stuff. I have done a few related to transition. I am about to start work writing up a new one for my 1 year anniversary.

In my general practice:

Wednesday I have a lunchtime meditation.

Saturday I do a week end prayer.

I do general household spells, such as protection spells, altar maintenance spells, cleaning spells. I also do some kitchen witchery, adding certain energies to foods / tea. Most of my ritual work these days is doing spells to make sure other rituals work. i.e. maintaining the space, altar tools, etc. I also have been doing a few job related spells. Mostly though I live by the ethos that the gods help those who help themselves. Unless you do work on the stuff you want your are not going to get it.
Basically you can ask the gods to win Lotto a billion times but they will just stand their in their whatever it is shouting back “Buy a bloody ticket.”

I do lucid dreaming as often as I can. Dream work used to make up the bulk of my practice. Having Finn put that to the wayside a bit. I generally try to do more dream work in the colder months as I seem to get better sleep cycles then.

I have tried OBOD Druidry, and I did about 1/3 of a course in Wiccan practice run by the local coven. Druidry fitted with me better, but still doesn’t quite cut it. Wicca and I don’t get on for philosophical reasons, which is another story.

A new step in recording dreams

A while back I answered a quesation about recording dreams (https://dreamsandbass.wordpress.com/2012/09/25/can-i-record-my-dreams/ ) and if it was possible usin MRI. Recently a new study and research has prooved that we might be able to at some stage (http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-04-05/machine-predicts-images-dreamt-while-sleeping/4610898 ). I am yet to read the paper (and am unlikely to be able to for a few weeks) so I can’t say for sure if the media is reporting this properly. I note it is a long way from fully recording the experiance of a dreamĀ  and its only about 50-60% accurate. The article pens the idea that it could be used to prevent nighmares but doesn’t tak about how, or in fact if this would be a good thing or not.

Nighmares are, in general ok things to have, they help our brain process fears and anexities, and help us deal with them, without them maddness is likely to ensue I suspect. So I wish the researches the best of luck with recording dreams and preventing problematic nighmares, but caution the potential for abuse of the tool when it is fully developed.

So, wait… Are you saying I don’t have to interpret my dreams to do dreamwork?

Short answer: yes.

Longer answer: Go to the dreamwork section of your local esoteric bookstore. There you will find any number of books on dreamwork. Most, if not all focus on interpretation of some kind. But really?! No. You do not have to do interpretation to do dreamwork. You only need to work with dreams somehow. Yet a lot of books focus on interpretation as it sells. People like to know what’s going on in their minds with dreams so they turn to these books. In the end I think you will find a lot are simply about the same search for meaning we all apparently struggle with.

In the end is searching for meaning making you happy? Sometimes yes. Sometimes no. I’d say you can work with your dreams just as happily without searching for meaning all the time.